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We've created this Beautiful, Exclusive, Scalable And Customizable Business Creation Course you can add your personal #soulstory, branding and content to AND create your OWN Programs, Services & Products with in 12 weeks (...without losing time over figuring out difficult software or hiring expensive consultants, specialists & designers!)
Soulful Business Creation Secrets
Soulful Sales

Soulful Sales & Fast Financial Freedom:
Making Money While doing what you LOVE & Staying Soulful + Ethical!

Global Impact

​Big Global Impact & become Worldclass: 
Get International High Ticket Clients Booked Continuously and on autopilot ;)

Master your succes in Energy & Selfconfidence

 Start the journey on healing yourself to wealth with entrepreneurship! 
Master your Energy & Selfconfidence!

Become a professional Speaker while Sharing your Soulstory

Become a professional Speaker:
While rewriting your Soulstory and growing your Success!

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  • The first 5 of you get one of the Packed #colorfulsoul goodybags! (€33,- Value)
  •  7 Days Turnaround - Guaranteed (€3333,- Value)
  •  The Entire Program of 12 modules, FREE, for 7 Days (€3333,- Value)
  •  Exclusive Access to a personal Session with Feline & her team (€777,- Value)
  •  ​Discount Voucher for all the other sessions & programs (€222,- 5 month Value)
  • ​3 EXTRA BONUS MODULES packed with speaker excersizes & sales training!(€1111,- Value)
  •  More satisfied customers, more referrals, more energy, more free time! (You can’t put a value on a better quality of life!)
Soulful Business Creation Secrets
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Soulful Business  Creation Secrets

Soulful Business  Creation Secrets

Downloadable Lessons & Training

Workbooks & Summary Worksheets

Impact Excersizes & Reallife Examples

Resources, Checklists & Swipefiles

Downloadable Lessons & Training

Workbooks & Summary Worksheets

Impact Excersizes & Reallife Examples

Resources, Checklists & Swipefiles

"Soulful Business Creation Secrets"
Is For all heartbased-preneurial souls ready to unleash their powerful colours globally, get into the flow and create beautiful services, courses & products in the process...
You'll discover exactly how to get the MOST money for transforming your Personal Story into a profitable business in Today's market!
You'll understand exactly why the BEST way of Business Foundation Building for yourself is absolutely FREE - and exactly how to get to it!
You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST High Achieving Heartbasedpreneurs and go right to the end of the process!
When you sell your OWN services, think about how good you'll feel about yourself when you successfully and soulfully sell WITHOUT fear of judgement, feeling unhealthy, resisting marketing!
You'll get clear on your Money Roots, how to heal them if necessary AND how to start creating multiple income streams INSTANTLY!
You'll have a TON more energy & money in your pocket when you save the years of OVERWHELM & not knowing where to start where others take years to overcome their hurdles in both their health, relationships ánd their financial situation on their own.
Soulful Business Creation Secrets

About the Creator 
(& Your Teacher)... 


My name is Feline and I am a Multiple Business Owner, Author or my newest upcoming book, a Speaker, Healer & Therapist to Entrepreneurial Souls, World Leaders & Changemakers!   

Creating gives me a sense of piece, it helps me process life & heal, reflect & simply enjoy the benefits of being creative.

I create to express myself, to be of service to over 2,4 million people globally in helping people awaken their selfhealing abilities & create a beautiful business foundation around their soulstory in order to live soulfully & thrive.

Apart from being a Practical Medical Psychologist and Sociotherapist(BA), I have studied International Business Management (BA) and have Mastered the art of Reiki, Yoga Nidra Teachership, Systemic Family Constellations, The Work of Byron Katie, Intuïtive Pain Release, Effortless Healing & Coaching, Shamanic Trancendance Rituals, Solutionfocused Therapy and many more certifications. 

In this Course Membership I want to support you on how to start using entrepreneurship as a path towards awakening your Self-Healing abilities - the thought process, the foundation building & the creation process of your own unique methods and programs & set you off for a future where you brighten up your energy, ASCEND & EXPAND your Global Impact! I'm SO Excited To Meet You Inside! 


Soulful Business Creation Secrets is a step-by-step follow along online course in which you'll learn Feline's most treasured business creation secrets - the exact techniques & tools she's using and the way she thinks while creating! You can easily apply the knowledge to your own entrepreneurial process.
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We are so confident that you will love our course, templates, bonusses and more that if you're not 100% satisfied with the quality, simply ask for a full refund within 7 days. Rock solid guarantee, brought with lots of love

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We sold our online art-creation program in 1 Week! Now we are getting ready to implement the same Foundation for our Property Business! And we got booked on several Art-Events before the covid as a PLUS, after the world seemed to help us work online even more! Working together with Feline really helped us deepen the connection with ourselves. From there-on we got to improve our communication to eachother and are now extra happy with this entrepreneurial life we consciously choose to live, celebrating our love and each success together! Forever grateful thank you! , 
Jim & Mary Macintosh
Creative-preneurial couple, aka the owners of multiple profitable businesses based in London, England.
"I met Feline in the early stages of my business as I was stressed and unsure how things should turn out for me in the future. She was very was very kind to lead me to the realization, I don't have to be so drastic in my actions, that I don't need to close doors and opportunities in my life right away. She was able to give me directions on how I could shape my business, work towards a profitable foundation and gave me perspective of how it may take more time for me, so I shouldn't be as stressed as I was but just accept it and move forward. During her masterminds she guided me on a talk that I will present on TEDtalk in a few months and helped me prepare strategically. I believe the most important thing I got from working with Feline is the trust in myself that I can stay both in my current job and work on my business on the side in my own pace. All the online sessions I could feel her radiating presence which made me open up more and perfect my speakersperformance. If anyone feels unsure or stuck in both life & business (because they affect eachother) I would highly recommend turning to Feline for help."

Zvika Zelinger
TEDx Speaker, Engr. , Author multiplebusinessowner & Trainer, Well-travelled Soul, momentarily based in Jeruzalem, Israel
I onboarded over 11 extra clients during and after working with Feline. Apart from loving her creativity & heartfelt approach, she really is such a beautiful soul!  The way she is able to listen & really make me feel seen touched my heart. She has an amazing talent with truly understanding High Achieving creatives working from the heart, just as she is herself. Her energy is magnetic and her method poured into her programs to help other heartbasedpreneurs discover and unlock their Colorful Soul is amazing!
Yesenia Swecker
High Achieving Heartbasedpreneur, Multiple Businessowner, AND mom of 3 kids, based in Florida, The United States, North America.
I Also Understand That When
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I get instant Access To Downloads, Over 16 Video's, Over 15 Workbooks and so much more to "Soulful Business Creation Secrets" and many bonuses, which includes:
Soul Strategy Session | 1:1 Intensive

Exclusive Access to a personal Session with Feline & her team (€777,- Value)

Discount Voucher

Discount Voucher for all the other sessions & programs (€222,- 5 month Value)

3 Extra Bonus Modules

​3 EXTRA BONUS MODULES with speaker excersizes & sales training!(€1111,- Value) ​

Extra Bonus Material
PLUS THIS 4th BONUS: The Ultimate Onboarding Clients Welcome Packet; Including Ready-To-Go Templates, Client Onboarding Contracts and Sample Application Forms for your High Ticket Services!
Price goes up soon
The price goes up very soon, so don't pay more if you don't have to! Make sure to get your (online) products, services and programs set up and boost your health and wealth in 2024!
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This SPECIAL offer, is ONLY available within the coming months!
100% Guaranteed

Soulful Business  Creation Secrets

If Soulful Business Creation Secrets doesn't show me exactly how to Create & Sell my Services, Courses & Programs!... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to Manage my Energy AND get to Financial Freedom Fast!... or if it fails to help me Become a Professional Speaker in the process, then I understand that I will receive a full refund in the first 7 days, No Questions Asked!
I understand that the regular price for all this is €3333,-... But, when I act now, As one of the next Special Buyers, I get everything INCLUDING MONTHLY TAXES & ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS for only €111,-! 100% guarantee!
DIY 90 Day Course
The possibilities are Endless!
What people have been saying!
Testimonial Nouty Bouchahda
Sure, You could  figure it out on your own. 
But at what cost? Is it really worth staying up late at night figuring it out and feeling guilty for not spening time with your family or loved ones... Or would you rather do it the easy way? You only have so many hours in a day. And you really don't want your business to suffer just because you can afford the cost of losing your energy in the process. All you need is this Online Program, A laptop or your Phone and you'll be ready to Create and Expand your Soulful Life and Business! And if you have any questions? The team & I, Feline, will be here to help you along the way! 


Soulful Business Creation Secrets is a step-by-step follow along online course in which you'll learn Feline's most treasured business creation secrets - the exact techniques & tools she's using and the way she thinks while creating! You can easily apply the knowledge to your own entrepreneurial process

Module (Week) 1-3

How to you determine your destinations? How do you empower yourself & build more selfbelief? How do you train your success mindset?
Feline will share with you her process that helped her personally!

Module (Week) 4-6

How do you create Focus when Overwhelmed? How do you eliminate distractions? How to discover your #Soulstory & Life's Purpose?
Feline will show you how she found her why & built her business foundation & help you do the same!

Module (Week) 7-9

How can you prioritize your own health & work towards healing & wealth? How do you manage your energy? How to attract your soultribe? How to create a Business Foundation built around your health & needs? How to create a very attractive service for both YOU & Your ideal client?
Feline will also share with you tips, tricks, resources and clear actions on what to do when your energy is down and are not sure which way to go. From there on you'll even built a custom made service/program based on your happiness!

Module (Week) 10-12

How can you strengthen your already excisting skills? How to deal with breaking free & be able to deal with Rsistance?
To help you launch your business Globally, with impact & Soulbased strength, Feline shows you her secrets 

Module (BONUS Week) 13-15

How to create your Pitch? How to Speak & Share Your #Soulstory in Public? How to do Sales Soulfully & Ethically? In these 3 BONUS Modules Feline will take you along to really help you lift up your Business & Expand Globally!
So, will this SBCS Course work for me?
The Soulful Business Creation Secrets - Course  is designed for you if you're a coach, consultant, teacher, therapist, mentor, healer, speaker, author or entrepreneur who wants to create profitable products, services and programs without the techno overwhelm or overpriced software and mentors.

What can I use this course for to create?
When you use your SBCS course, you will be able to create a Beautiful Business Foundation that helps you prioritize your Health, Master your Energy, Expand your Business Globally and Create Customized Products, Exclusive Services and Powerful Programs that will WOW your Customers. Including all the bonuses that will help you create your own workbooks, questionnaires, intake forms, assessment forms and custom worksheets for your clients. They are also the perfect way to upgrade your workshops, events, courses and even allow you to charge premium prices for your programs and services! 
Also: you'll receive your SBCS certificate when you've finished the full course!

What's next?
It's so simple! Simply click the button below and you can enter your name and details. Once you've completed your purchase, I will send you an email with access to our private members area. This is the place where you will find all the links you need to download your template, training videos and bonus downloads!
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When can I start using my SBCS-course?
As soon as you're ready! Shortly after completing your payment you will be sent an email with access to a private members area - where you can download your videos, workbooks, resources and your bonuses!

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After completing your purchase in once, you have unlimited access for as long as you like - all you need is a laptop or phone and a journal if you like to write with oldschool pen&paper and you're good to go!

Will my workbooks be printable?
Yes! All the workbooks are designed by a designer and you can either print them out and fill them in, or you can download them als a PDF deliverable and fill them in digitally. You can start immediately on creating your services so your clients won't miss out on a thing!

How many services or programs can I create?
As many as you want! With this Course you can create hundreds of different services, programs & products if you like. Use it to create specials for custom clients, group programs, lead magnets and so much more...

Can I change to VIP Mentoring along the way?
We know you want your brand & biz to soulfully shine online. Which is why you will be able to change to all of the upgrades and extra's available, once you're in! There are many more extra's to match your clients wants & needs. So your Programs & Services will perfectly match with just a couple of clicks.

Can I sell my completed material?
Of course!! Once you have laid down the basis of your fundaments by using your own #soulstory, all your material is completely Unique! THen comes the FUN part, getting creative, adding your own colors, images and content, you are free to give away as a freebie or sell your material to clients and customers. If you are enthusiastic about this course and you'd like to share it, you can even get Affiliate Comissions! Email us for more information.
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